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Widen your boots: Are your leather boots too tight? With these tips you can keep going!

Have you just got hold of the perfect pair of leather boots online, inherited your mom's beloved boots or have a pair left in the basement from the last few seasons? But then you soon notice that the leather boots don't fit that well after all. They are too tight on the shaft and pinch. But because a good pair of boots is one of the winter wardrobe essentials and you don't want to give the boots away so easily, we asked our grandmothers how we can turn boots that have a bit of tweaking into our favorite item in the shoe cupboard - with a few DIY tricks!

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6 tips on how to widen leather boots

1. Boot trees

Boot trees are made to protect you from painful blisters and uncomfortable wearing. If you have the feeling that your foot cannot move at all in the boot, such tensioners are the perfect investment. For the best results, you should leave the tensioners in the shoe for up to two days.

2. Shank tensioner

Tensioners that widen the shaft work in a similar way if the boot is too tight around the calf. The shaft tensioners should also remain in the shoe for a good 24 hours. Depending on the result, the process must then be repeated. In general, the tensioners are practical. As soon as you have achieved the desired width thanks to the tensioner, you can use them to store and winterize high boots much better. The air circulates better with the shaft tensioner and the formation of edges is also avoided.

3. Expansion spray

There are now sprays that are specially designed to gently stretch leather without staining or changing color. Simply spray the spray on the desired area and then put on your boots while wearing the thickest socks you can find. This helps to "shape" the shoe. The combination widening spray + boot tensioner also works flawlessly!

4. Freezer method

You don't want to buy a spray or spend money on shoe trees? This DIY method works very similarly. Fill a freezer bag with water and place it in the foot of your boot. Make sure that the sack comes exactly where the shoe pinches. Then put the boot in the freezer. The water expands when it freezes and so also expands the leather. Make sure that the bag is really waterproof, otherwise you risk water stains ...

5. Newsprint method

The newsprint method is less risky. Ball up a few old newspaper pages, dampen them lightly, and stuff them into your over-tight boots. As soon as the paper dries, this also expands and widens the boot. You can also put newspaper in your shoes every time you wear them to keep them in shape.

6. Hair dryer method

Is the leather extremely hard and chafing? Then a blow dryer could help you! Put on your shoes and again wear a thick pair of socks (or even two) and then blow-dry the exact areas where the boot pinches with a hot jet. 30 seconds should be enough. Leave the boots on while they cool, then try on the shoes with regular socks. Repeat the process if necessary!