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Profession mechatronics technician - job description and job opportunities

Mechatronics engineers have the advantage that their versatility means that they have access to a wide variety of industries and professions. So that you can get a more precise idea, we are going to provide you with a detailed description of some selected industries and explain what mechatronics technicians actually do here.

The job market for mechatronics technicians: Professions and industries

In hardly any other industry is the interplay of electronics and technology as well established as in the automotive industry. Our cars have long been equipped with systems that are intended to make driving not only more comfortable, but above all safer: anti-lock braking systems, assistance functions and power steering are technologies that can now be found in almost all vehicles.

A highly topical and socially relevant field of employment for mechatronics technicians in the automotive industry is, for example, the development of alternative drive systems for cars, which are particularly important in the context of the climate change debate. Mechatronics technicians work here primarily in the areas of development and planning, but also in the installation and retrofitting, the maintenance and servicing of systems and in the area of ​​monitoring.

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Aircraft and spacecraft construction

As the name suggests, engineers in this department are primarily concerned with developing, designing and building various flying objects. In addition to the functionality, the main focus here is on effectiveness, efficient design and a balanced cost-benefit ratio. Mechatronics engineers develop drive systems for aircraft or space vehicles, help with controls and flight tests to increase safety in air traffic or conduct scientific research into new possibilities which, with the help of technology, bring us a little closer to heaven and space.

But also in the sales and marketing departments of companies, skilled mechatronics engineers find a good living. Classic employers are aerospace companies, airports and airlines. There is also the possibility of setting up an engineering office and offering consulting and planning services.

Information and communication technology

Communication has become an indispensable part of our modern and networked world. Computers and phones connect people and businesses on a global scale. With the increased demands on the functionality of communication devices, there is an increasing demand for specialists to build, program and further develop them. Complex software is also increasingly being used.

Mechatronics technicians who have a particular interest in computer science and who, at best, have already specialized in this subject should be addressed here. The focus of information and communication technology is primarily on the research and development of technical solutions for information processing and transmission. This not only includes telephone and computer systems, but also, for example, entertainment technology such as televisions or MP3 players. Potential employers are network operators or Internet providers, manufacturers of mobile devices or computers, and companies that develop and sell software.

Even if you don't suspect it at first, engineering skills play an important role in medicine. This applies in particular to the mechatronics. After all, important medical devices such as magnetic resonance imaging scanners, baby warming beds or dialysis machines must first be developed and manufactured. Engineers with a mechatronic training are not only valuable employees in development and production, but also in hospital operations themselves: They advise on the acquisition of machines, instruct the medical-technical staff and ensure that the devices function properly through regular maintenance .

The medical technology industry is also extremely innovative. We are constantly researching and working on new possibilities that serve people's health. Especially in the field of medical nanotechnology, after studying mechatronics, you have the opportunity to contribute with specialist knowledge and creativity to make medical examinations and treatments even less invasive in the future.

From nanocapsules, which transport their active ingredients to exactly the right place in the body, to nanoparticles that can detect diseased tissue, to artificial organs: the possibilities seem almost unlimited. Mechatronics engineers can help to implement technologies that still seem like utopias to us today for the benefit of everyone. The main tasks of mechatronics engineers in the medical technology area are accordingly the conception of new products, the structural design of the components and their testing through simulations as well as the execution and evaluation of tests accompanying development.

Further specialist areas and areas of responsibility

In addition to the industries listed above, there are others in which mechatronics engineers have good career opportunities:

But not only the industries, but also the type of employment are varied and diverse. After completing their studies, mechatronics engineers work in the following fields, for example:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • System development
  • Construction and calculation
  • Quality inspection and assurance
  • Technical project management and production planning
  • Software development
  • Process development and control

In addition to the classic technical fields of work, mechatronics technicians are of course also needed for:

  • Science and Research
  • Initial and continuing education
  • Team coordination
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • sales and marketing
  • Customer service and advice

The job prospects of mechatronics

Mechatronics technicians are primarily characterized by their great interdisciplinarity. Since companies and institutes are not looking for “pigeonholed thinkers”, but rather creative and innovative people, this quality is a big plus on the job market. The career opportunities for well-trained mechatronics engineers are correspondingly good.

Because not only large corporations, but also small and medium-sized companies need their technical know-how. Even if the demand for mechatronic engineers was already very high in the past, it is still to be expected that this will continue to rise or at least remain consistently high. The most important reason for this is the increasing use of electronics in "classic" areas of engineering and the increasing importance of information technology in our society today. According to the VDI (Association of German Engineers), tens of thousands of mechatronics positions are already vacant in Germany, and the number of new graduates is insufficient to fill them.

Graduates also have advantages in the field of mechatronics if they have already acquired practical knowledge and experience during their studies. Internships or a job as a student assistant in a company or the university itself offer you the opportunity to acquire important skills. Above all, you can also get a taste of your future dream job or your dream company and see whether your own ideas match the reality of everyday working life.

Last but not least, internships and student support centers offer the opportunity to make important contacts. If you have already proven yourself here and your potential employer will remember you positively, this increases your chances of finding a job in the company in question quickly after completing your studies!

Salary: What does a mechatronics technician earn?

Is it financially worthwhile to study mechatronics? Most certainly. In our large salary article, we'll tell you how high the salaries of graduated mechatronics engineers are:

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Vacancies for mechatronics technicians

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