Which decides about our future

by Laura Knappmann, March 18, 2020

Absolute deceleration - the pause button from everyday life has been pressed. Standstill. From active life to a period of rest, of which we do not yet know when it will end. At the same time, we are confronted with reports about the corona crisis around the clock, which causes uncertainty and fears in society. Speaking of society: The importance of society and solidarity is also being put to the test. In addition to the fact that we suddenly have to deal with ourselves, there is also the question of how our society develops in times of hamster purchases. In a decelerated time, these issues mean a lot of unrest. I would like to use today's blog post to give me and maybe you and you a little more clarity about the meaning of this crisis. I hope that we will see and use this crisis as an opportunity and emerge from it with a new understanding and a new orientation.

The future is decided today

A big sentence, but I think it's true. We are in an incomparable situation that poses major challenges for the government, the health system, the economy and the citizens. Today it depends on what we learn from this situation and how this learning affects our future thoughts and actions.

Bear yourself

We have a lot of time - especially with ourselves. And I think that's the biggest challenge for a lot of people. Can we bear ourselves How do we spend time alone with ourselves? I think a lot of people have forgotten how to “be alone”. Due to the constant actionism and fast pace, we rarely or never found the time to deal with ourselves before Corona. Now we are forced to. Having a lot of free time with ourselves calms us down and forces us to deal with ourselves. We learn to calm down and think about our lives, our attitudes and the meaning of our lives. The time of rest means more depth for all of us, but the crisis will also make things visible. Things that have been smoldering in us for a long time, that we previously suppressed. We now have the chance to face these things and free ourselves from them. Because of this, I think the crisis is of course severe, but getting rid of legacy issues can also be very exhilarating.

What really matters in life

In times of the Corona crisis and maybe also our own crisis of meaning, which results from the long time with ourselves, our minds are revitalized. There is no wind. While we deal with our life and its meaning and are confronted with the daily renunciation of consumption and social contacts, we notice what is really important to us - the existential things. What can you do without? What is really necessary? Is it buying a new pair of jeans or is it a hug from a good friend? What do we miss in these times and what loss can we not live with? I think in these times we will all notice that consumption and prosperity are nothing if you cannot live them and above all do not have the people around you with whom you can share and experience it. Man cannot live without social contact.

Man acts as man

It is precisely in these times that people become important. Not his function or position, his account balance or house, but the person as a person. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff - the good people will be different from the bad people and the good companies will be different from the bad ones. Companies in which humanity, appreciation and solidarity are important values ​​are strengthened and emerge from the crisis with satisfied and loyal employees. The companies in which old business models prevail and profit is even more important than values ​​will not survive. Because people will no longer forget the behavior of their bosses in their lives during this crisis and will develop a different attitude towards their company. People and their actions are measured, not their function, position or influence.

Appreciation and gratitude

There is also something good about this whole situation in my opinion. By dealing with ourselves and our lives, we not only notice what is really important, but also that we should value these things much more. For my part, I am very sentimental at these times because I notice what a great life I have. I am grateful for my family and friends, for the fact that all my loved ones are healthy, for our company and our great employees, who always support us and will also help us master this crisis. I am grateful that I live in Germany and that we have such a well-organized and structured system. I am not worried that there will soon be nothing to eat and I know that our country will overcome this crisis. I am very grateful for all of these things and am learning to really appreciate my life for the first time. I didn't think about many of these things beforehand, but took them all for granted and taken for granted. But they are not! I think appreciation and gratitude will - at least for me - be an important aspect even after the crisis. At least that's what Corona has already taught me.

Looking for a new understanding of living together

We have to find a new balance. How do we want to continue to live after the crisis? Does everything stay as it is or do we want to break new ground? What understanding of solidarity and society will exist after this crisis? How can and do we want to live together? What problems are we going to address? I can imagine that the real problems will only be uncovered during this crisis. These are by no means unknown problems, but perhaps rather unpleasant problems due to certain political and media thrusts. I think after Corona we should deal with the social professions and their fair and appropriate payment, instead of talking about whether m / f / d has to be written after a job advertisement. Let's discuss the really important things that are necessary for people and society. Let's tackle the things that will determine the future. Let us become a new society, where solidarity, support, appreciation and values ​​are more important than profit, power struggles and egoism!

Text: Laura Knappmann / Image: AdobeStock