Has your daughter ever caught you masturbating?

Brother caught me masturbating?

Hello lenabelle,

this is a very personal and private moment, but it was shared with your brother once. With that he got something that was only meant for you; something that might have touched him that ultimately made him feel.

Let's make a little comparison and assume that you are sitting in front of a piece of cake of your favorite kind. Then your brother suddenly comes in, smiles, takes a little bit and goes out again. You may be annoyed that he took it - but you may also have wanted to share it with him at the moment.

You gave yourself something for the piece of cake - and then coincidentally gave your brother a small part as well. This is how you can see it with the moment of tenderness towards yourself: you had also - coincidentally - given a small part of this moment to your brother, so that also the feelings that may have connected with the moment in him.

It is not necessary to address him directly and immediately for the moment or to show anger. If he teases you in any way, you can tease back. Otherwise everything is as it has always been between you.

If the two of you are very close to each other, you may be able to talk about feelings on some occasion - and also about feelings that arise with such a moment, and subsequently about the moment itself. In this way you divide your feelings among each other indirect way: no longer about a moment in which they grow up.

Best regards