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Rocker bastard. Razzor and Nicki
by Bärbel Muschiol

Synopsis: Razzor has left his home, the MC of the Dead Riders. There was no other option, and so he got by with illegal street races and cage fights until his emotional life was completely mixed up in just a few hours. Sweet Nicki needs his protection, and Razzor's animal possessiveness mixes tenderness and love, he wants to hold and protect her. But the world in which he lives is full of dangers. When Nicki is at the mercy of a girl trafficking ring, the situation escalates. Razzor fights together with the Dead Riders for the most important thing in his life. Have they been lucky together? +++ This complete edition includes all 4 parts of the Dead Riders as well as exclusive bonus material. All fans of the series get their money's worth here! +++ The rocker series consists of: Rocker Demon - Ace and AmyRocker Devil - Slide and EllenRocker Bastard - Razzor and NickiRocker Heart - Spider and AbigailRocker Ghost - Ghost and AngelAll novels are in themselves closed with recurring figures. Recommendation: For the greatest rocker reading pleasure, the volumes should be read in the order Rocker Demon, Rocker Devil, Rocker Bastard, Rocker Heart and Rocker Ghost.