How to inject Subutex

Fri, 24/08/2007 - 00:00

hey, just read that a girl's friend presses subutex! so i have been in therapy for over two years now and i get subutex! it is so that shortly after I started with the substitution, I also got the idea to buy the stuff! now I do it every day! if i don't do it i notice that i am missing something! actually I only started with the subutex abuse because I missed the syringes! of course that is not the same and not comparable with the "ritual" of getting ready for pressure! but for me it is already a satisfaction when after a long search (for a vacant position that is not completely closed) I can finally put the syringe in the vein ..! I was already thinking about whether I might have a self-mutilation instinct or something like that! By the way, that's nonsense if the friend thinks that he will need less subutex when he presses it! of course you are already flat when you inject the stuff .. but the state is not really pleasant either! because it always presses on your head and you get really tired! but it doesn't really bang! I notice that in the evening, let's say I take subutex around 9 o'clock (early), a tiny part in the conventional way and the larger part with the IV method, so I notice in the evening ... that the effect of the subutex wears off (the blocker effect will certainly not decrease .. but this one, I call it "state of intoxication")! i start to sweat and my pupils dilate slightly, my eyes start to water (not a lot, but a bit), i have to yawn more often and the blood pressure rises! almost like with heroin withdrawal, only that nothing hurts you and you can sleep if you want! the feeling of the body is then just weird .. and you also feel the way you look! I can only advise everyone to use subutex on conventional !!!!! to take wisely! on the one hand, it is not good for the body (because the veins have no time to recover at all) and you are just kidding yourself through the IV abuse .. just like I'm kidding myself! insight is the best way to improve, they say yes! I think I will, as soon as my substitution is over .. have to nibble on the fact that I came up with the "great" idea to press the subutex! I wish all substitutes a lot of success, be and stay strong, determine your own life and don't let the drugs rule! it just prevents you from moving forward! let us help you if you need help! all the best ° | °