What causes eyeball cramps

Periodic eye inflammation

of the horse

Since the periodic eye inflammation in horses is a very delicate disease in the acute state, which can cause irreparable damage in the form of complete adhesions very quickly, if countermeasures are not immediately taken with intensive treatment with antibiotics, atropine and cortisone applications, I've had a long time Spared time acupuncturing this disease. About 15 years ago I finally had a patient who, despite timely intensive therapy, got worse from day to day. Treatment with cortisone injections into the conjunctiva, general and local antibiosis, local application of atropine, and complete darkening, which had quickly resolved the inflammation in numerous previous cases, had not been able to save the eye. In addition to the massive redness, the pain and the flow of tears, there was also the fact that the entire anterior chamber of the eye had already filled with reddish yellow inflammation products, so that I thought I could no longer save the eye. At that moment I decided to do laser acupuncture. Unfortunately, I have not documented this case with a photo, as I myself had not seriously expected the possibility of a cure. Since then, I have regularly found a molar in the upper jaw that I think is causing this disorder. Bacterial infections can apparently only come about when the eye is weakened by the disturbance of the tooth. In addition, special eye and inflammation points were treated. All medication was stopped immediately. This treatment was initially carried out daily, then at 2-day intervals for 2 weeks. On the 3rd day of treatment, there was already a clear improvement in the sense of a decrease in redness, pain and tears. After 14 days the eye was completely healed. I checked the eye for several years. The ophthalmoscope did not even show the usual signs of PAE in the form of small floating epithelial scraps. Since then I have been treating PAE regularly with laser acupuncture and no longer with the usual medication. The only exception I use atropine-AS to expand the iris. In all the numerous cases, one of the upper molars was always responsible for preparing the terrain for the PAE as a massive source of interference. I have now documented an acute case of PAE in a paint horse with photos. The first photo shows the acute phase on the 1st day of treatment with narrowing, reddening, lacrimation, pain and sensitivity to light (picture 1). After 3 days with only 1 treatment, all signs of inflammation have subsided (Fig. 2). The widening is still a result of the applied atropine eye ointment.