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The new SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a traditional test before invading American universities and colleges given to high school graduates in high schools, an actual analogue of the Russian EGE.

The exam tests critical thinking, level of preparation of the intensive college and university program, academic achievement in various fields. The results of the adopted SAT commissions from American institutions are based on registration, distribution of scholarship services and foundations - therefore, to pass the exam for the highest score is fundamentally important.

Usually, SAT exams give up 6 times a year:

  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January.

The results are valid for 5 years. Nowadays, the SAT exam is available in many large cities of Russia by registering online and paying the registration fee on a bank card.

In 2016, the SAT exam format changed a lot, so it is worth paying close attention to the textbooks used in preparation - they will have to be destroyed for the new SAT and released by 2015 at the latest. It is important and make sure that your teacher or tutor has also passed advanced training and is ready to prepare you for the new SAT format.

The new SAT structure

So what has changed in the examination scheme and from which blocks is the new satellite?

1. Reading (reading)

  • Time to run: 60 minutes
  • Volume: 52 questions.

The device is dedicated to reading and understanding texts in English: it tests vocabulary, the ability to quickly read and find the necessary information, analyze the text and the techniques of its creation, establish express techniques, literary and stylistic, grammatical designs.

In the previous version, critical reading of the first 5-8 questions was devoted to the analysis of complex words in proposals, there is no new format for this task. Now such tasks are evenly embedded in the text so that the examiners still need to be sure of their lexicon reserve that they are trying to learn as many different English words as possible.

2. Writing and language

  • Time to run: 35 minutes
  • Volume: 44 questions.

Check the grammar, syntax, and styles (only about 13 rules of English grammar and spelling). In general, the student is usually mastered with 13 important rules in order to complete this block of assignments as correctly as possible: The rules are relatively simple and it is not difficult to practice.

Again in the new version of the exam, such tasks are not specified separately and are evenly embedded in the test (and text). Therefore, for successful assignments, it is necessary to practice reading and analyzing English texts as much as possible, try to remember new grammatical designs, special grammatical and syntactic forms, idioms of English.

3. Math (no calculator)

  • Time to run: 25 minutes
  • Volume: 20 questions.

Mathematical tasks which cannot be performed using the calculator. Even so, this block is considered to be the easiest to take on the exam: These are the simplest rules for arithmetic, geometry and algebra (maximum level 7 of grade 7 of high school).

In the earlier exam format, the mathematical unit was combined (not shared with the calculator and no calculator). Be extremely attentive, repeat the total quota of math and algebra, take the speed of solving the problems, align their main types - and this device will not be a problem for you.

4. Mathematics (calculator)

  • Time to complete: 55 minutes
  • Volume: 38 questions.

Mathematical block of tasks when performing which the use of the calculator is allowed. You can do this without this, but the tasks are more complex here than in block 3, so the computing device is allowed. In general, mathematical knowledge for successful tasks does not exceed 8 class of the joint school - but it is worth being prepared for the fact that some topics are not included in the Russian educational program, which can lead to additional difficulties.

The main difficulties in carrying out this block: trigonometry, problems with imaginary numbers, an understanding of English-language mathematical terms, possibilities that are too complex to solve typical and simple tasks. Contact your tutor for help, and it will tell you in detail about simpler decision algorithms that will expand your lexical holdings in the mathematical subject.

Usually an essay part is optional, optional, and some students do not pass it on at all. For example, some US universities do not require writing an essay (they seize the results from SAT and without this article) - but every prestigious and elite college, especially members of the Ivy League, consider this article to be mandatory.

The main difference of the new version of the exam is the writing of the essay based on the specified text: it must be read carefully (and more than once), analyze, analyze a complete and deep understanding of its subject, analyze problems, structures, knowledge of the methods of the literary skills and rhetoric. At the same time, your essay must adhere to the literary and academic rules of the English language - be careful and diligent in preparation.

SAT test delivery - an important stage in a student's life. This is a tough step towards living and learning abroad. In the US, the satellite exam takes seven times a year, and in Russia - six. In total there are three test sites in Moscow to pass SAT.

Two of them run the test six times a year (October, November, December, January, May and June):

  • Moscow International University (International University) at the address: Leningradsky Prospect, 17.
  • Christian school. Hinkson (Hinkson Christian Academy), on Novochemshkinskaya Street, 39, Corpus 3.

In one school, SAT delivery is possible four times a year (October, December, May, June):

  • in the Anglo-American School of Moscow), which is located on Strandstrasse, 1.

It is worth noting that the Sat subject tests are conducted from one to six times a year, depending on the subject. In this regard, we recommend that you learn in advance about the delivery dates at the official test centers.

There are two ways to register for a test: online at and by post. You can also register by phone, but for a fee ($ 15). The required registration fee of US $ 81 can be paid through the American Express, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, MasterCard or JCB credit card via a check (provided there is an American bank account), the bank account, international payment orders or coupons from UNESCO.

Candidates have the option to change the delivery date and test center. The cost of this service is $ 26, but it is necessary to do so no later than 14 days before the test day. Remember that the registration fee is not returned. So if you did not show up at the test center on a certain day, if you want to cancel the registration, then you will simply lose money.

As for the test results, they can be seen online on the official site after five weeks. If you register online and would also like to receive your certificate by e-mail, you must also provide this when registering. The cost of the registration fee includes sending four copies of your result to pre-selected educational institutions. However, you have the option to choose an unlimited number of universities to send your certificate to. The cost of a copy is $ 11. Your score can also be sent to universities in no time, just two days after the review is complete. The cost of this service is $ 31. And paying $ 0.5, you can get a detailed report of the listed tasks to see what questions errors were made.

Take Sat in Moscow

Taking the SAT exam is a significant milestone in any student's life. It is a step to live and study abroad on the way as well as in the following employment. Candidates in the US have the option to take the test seven times a year, and Russian students can do so six times a year.

There are three satellite test centers in Moscow. In two of these, the exam can take place six times a year (in December, January, May, June, October and November):

  • International University, Leningradsky Prospect, Jan.
  • Hinkson Christian Academy, Novochereomushkinskaya St, 39, Building 3.

In Moscow there is a place where students are welcome to help four times a year (in October, December, May and June):

  • The Anglo-American School of Moscow, Beregovaya Street, 1.

It is published here that students can take SAT exams (Sat Subject Tests) once or six times a year once or six times a year. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you find out the test data on the official websites beforehand.

There are two options for registering for SAT: online at and by email. Students can also register by phone, but the need to pay an additional fee of $ 15. The SAT exam registration fee is $ 81. The fee can be paid by an American Express, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, Mastercard or JCB credit card, check (US banks only), bank drafts, UNESCO coupons or international money orders.

Candidates have the option to change a test date and center (but not less than 14 days before a D-day). The change fee is $ 26. You need to know that registration fees are non-refundable so if you lose your money if you miss a trial date or cancel, you will lose your money.

To test scores, you can see them online on the official website five weeks after the test. If you register online and would like to receive your score report via email in addition to online messages, you will need to request it when you need to log in. An application fee includes the cost of sending four duplicates of your results to high schools that you pay for. However, you have the option to send your score reports to any universities and colleges as you wish. The price of a duplicate is $ 11. You can also order a rush report of your results, usually within two days, within two days of your score reporting order being completed. The price of the option is $ 31. Also, you can pay $ 0.5 and get a done list to know questions from questions you made mistakes.

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SAT is designed to help estimate the level of proficiency in English, math, and history. Depending on the purposes for which you need a SAT certificate, you can take a general version of the exam (SAT I, DREAGESTEST) or a test aimed at checking knowledge of a specific topic (SaI-II, subject test) .

No matter what type of test you have chosen to get the score you want, you will need a long and thorough SAT prep. So far there are three most common ways to study the material:

  • classes in the group in the specialized center;
  • independent SAT preparation.

Below, we'll take a look at each of them and determine their main advantages and disadvantages.

Individual classes with a tutor

Perhaps the main advantage of this method of preparation for SAT is that the program and methodology of training are created specifically for you, taking into account the property of the language and the desired result. In addition, you can choose the time and intensity of the classes, as well as the duration of the entire course.

As for the shortcomings of each lesson, the first thing to do is to compare their high cost compared to group activities. In addition, a rich lesson requires constant concentration of attention, which is quite difficult for many people.

Patel Chalan Reveals Secrets To Increase The Score Of SAT On Live Fox Channel:

Classes in the group

When we talk about the high level satellite ballet training on courses, there is a structured and metered information that is the database base. Experienced teachers show you not only the structure of the test, but also with typical tasks. You will examine each exam in detail. Group lessons allow you to make new friends, hear the answers from One-Logbooks, and learn from the mistakes and successes of others to discuss problems together.

It should be noted that the courses suggest a clear schedule of classes that must be followed. In addition, you need to keep a general training package.

Independent preparation for SAT

The main advantages of this option are that it can be done for you conveniently at any time. In addition, independent lessons are a budget option: you just need to purchase all the textbooks you need.

SAT courses: preparatory services

The SAT exam (both general and subject-oriented) requires quality preparation. Of course, it is possible to study on your own, but in any case you will not prevent the help of professional tutors. SAT courses - an excellent opportunity to improve your own knowledge as quickly as possible.

Preparing For SAT - What Is It Worth To Pay Attention To?

SAT is a mandatory test for any applicant wishing to enter the United States' highest educational institution. The test can be passed within certain days during the year, and the results are sent to the Receiving Committee along with the rest of a student's "all-service list".

SAT preparation - learn hard!

Like any exam, SAT requires extensive and systemic training no matter what type of test you choose - General Sat I or SAT I II. Despite the fact that the test can pass four times a year, and its value is relatively low $ 86 (without essay), in the event of a mistake, each person feels uncomfortable and may not be able to decide on the exclamations.

SAT preparation - first step towards a successful future

Sa is deciphered as a scholastic apartid test and is a standard exam that applicants pass to enroll in American and Canadian higher education institutions. Its graduates from schools for admission to bachelor programs at colleges and universities.

The main requirement of admission to the US universities is the passing of the standardized SAT exam. This condition applies to US citizens and overseas applicants. In addition, based on the test, the candidate must choose a specific pass-through point, and for this you need a good preparation for SAT.

SAT preparation - key points

Many domestic school graduates are now holding onto entering higher institutions in the United States of America. However, in order to become a student, you need to prove a great deal of your knowledge to yourself. Today we are talking about the surrender of the standardized satellite test. During this test, the knowledge of grammar and mathematics is checked, as well as the applicant's ability to analyze.

Sat practice test and other ways to prepare for the exam

SAT is a standardized general educational exam created by the College Board in 1926 to test those wishing to enter U.S. universities. It is mandatory for both American and foreign applicants who have chosen to study through undergraduate programs.


For admission to US universities, all applicants (and Americans and overseas) must be required to pass SAT tests. There are two exam standards: Reason (SAT I) and Subject (SAT II). The first is the main line, therefore most often under entry, the students pass it.

Would you like to study in the USA? Then get ready for what to deal with the variety of all kinds of tests and exams that you need to carefully prepare for. Indeed, methods of evaluating your knowledge in America have a large number, and each of them has its own direction and specificity. The following tests are some of our most popular: (we wrote about this last time) and Sat.

"Academic Assessment Test" or "Scholastic Assessment Test" / "Scholastic Aptitude Test" - an examination that represents knowledge of the main courses of the school program and common intellectual skills. Sa is compulsory for obtaining college or university of Asbiturines 8, 10, and 12 US School and Canada studies.

What do you need to know about the test?

  1. Remember that SAT is standardized, but there are some variations of its (subject tests). Before entering any educational institution, be sure to consult with a representative of any university or college with whom you may need to consult.
  2. The test can be passed 7 times a year. Duration - approx. 3 hours 45 minutes + organizational moments. Deliver Sat I and Said II in one day is prohibited.
  3. You can take the test freely not only in the United States or Canada, but also in official representative offices in Europe. Traditionally, Saturday is the first Saturday of the month, but you can only find out the advisors.
  4. The results of the text are known after 10 days, for a fee, you can deliver them immediately to the selected university.
  5. Cost: Sat I - $ 38 + $ 49 per Sat-II.

Structure sat.

Sa is divided into two parts: Sat i (reasoning test) and SAT II (subject tests). The first part is universal, it has three subsections, each of which is estimated from 200 to 800 points - so the results will always be several 10. Often times, all questions are 5 options for the answer, one of which you must choose one from which you can need to choose one correctly:

  • The grammar (letter) evaluates the knowledge of spelling, the presence of a certain vocabulary and the ability to structure the text correctly (narrative logic). This part is presented in the form of blocks of questions with correct and incorrect answers (sometimes there are no mistakes). In addition to the test part, there is also an essay - it is given 25 minutes for which the applicant has to answer a philosophical question. This part is indicative of many receiving commissions, although the essay itself is estimated at 12 points maximum 800 for a fully completed entire unit.Time: 1 hour.

Example (question on 5 tasks):

  • Math - a section in which three parts assess your solvency (algebra, geometry) and analyze data (mathematical analysis, statistics). It is possible to work with the calculator, but in the dough itself there is practically no way of guessing the answer - in addition to test questions there are blocks with inserted answers. All 58 tasks go on the list with an increase in complexity - the maximum number of points 800 (different tasks are valued in different ways + taking into account the course of your thoughts). Time: 1 hour 10 minutes.


  • Critical thinking is a block where you need to demonstrate the ability to work with information. It is necessary to supplement offers with vocabulary, interpretive graphics, to properly link and structure different texts and to answer questions about them.Time: 1 hour 10 minutes, the maximum number of points is 800.

An example (fragment of text and a question for it):

SAT II or SAT subject tests

SAT II are profile tests that must be specified depending on the selected university and learning profile. Today you can get documents through the passage in the following areas: literature, world history and a separate history of the United States, mathematics (2 levels of complexity), chemistry, physics and biology. In addition to the standard parts, you can pass SAT in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Jewish, Jewish languages ​​+ There is a profile test in Latin. Applications can be done as much as possible - the main thing is that it can cope with the program and pay for participation - in one day you can pass up to 3 profile tests.The maximum number of points for everyone is equally - 800,what you can identify 1 hourexam (the number of tasks varies depending on the subject).

Sat. (at other times - SAT PRESS TEST, Scholastic aptitude test, Scholastic assessment test) - a standardized American test required for admission to colleges and universities in the United States. The test is designed to assess the applicant's knowledge in several areas. In addition, admission to a specialty requires a detailed examination Sat subject test. Sometimes this test is referred to as Sat I, and Profil - SAT II. Sat is held seven times a year in the United States and four times - in other countries around the world. Tests are passed in October, December, March, such as June, August, and November (US only), usually on the first Saturday of the month. The main organizer of the exam is the College Board's private organization.

Why do you have to pass the SAT exam?

Passing the test is a requirement for admission to many US colleges and universities. Most often, the SAT exam is required to enter large and prestigious educational institutions. There is an SSAT test for admission to middle schools.

Materials for self-preparation for the satellite

Structure sat.

The SAT exam lasts 180 minutes (3 hours). It consists of two required sections and four parts:
  • Work with text and English.
    • Test test (text analysis)
    • Writing and language test (language and grammar).
  • Mathematics.
    • The math test - no calculator section (math without a calculator).
    • The Math Test Calculator (doing math with a calculator).
  • Essay section to choose from.
For each section you will get from 200 to 800 points, that is, only for Sat you can get from 400 to 1600 points. In the event the student chose an essay exam, the exam increases by 50 minutes but estimates of the essay are posted separately. Exam questions are divided into common, medium, and complex.
  • Reading test Consists of 52 questions with the possibility of choosing an answer option. The total duration of this part of the exam is 65 minutes. Typically, students are invited to read 5 academic and educational texts: one in American history or literature, one in social sciences, two natural sciences, and an excerpt from American basic literature. Part of SAT Reading tests the level of vocabulary and the ability to understand and analyze reading.
  • Writing and language tests Consists of 44 questions with answers. This part tests knowledge of English grammar and takes 35 minutes. The test contains small passages of texts in which the student must find spelling, stylistic and punctuation errors.
  • Mathematics. Contains questions with answers. This part of the test lasts 80 minutes and tests knowledge algebra, statistics and geometry. In the first 25 minutes it is suggested to solve 20 tasks without using the calculator: the first 15 with the possibility of choosing an answer and 5 more - without choosing. In the next 55 minutes it is necessary to cope with 38 questions in order to solve the calculator: the first 30 questions with the possibility of choosing an answer, the remaining 8 - no choice.
  • Essay. - It is given 50 minutes, it is written with a pencil on specially issued sheets. The essay topic is instruction (approval), the students must confirm this approval or refute it. Topics on the essay can be very diverse: for example, about work and careers, families, the influence of memories on human life, etc. Then its two experts are read, each of whom uses their points.

Sat subject test

Sat subject test - Examination for one of the profile positions, which is usually required for admission to the prestigious university of the university. There sat on the same day as the base. The exam lasts an hour. The literature test contains 60 questions with answer options. Students should read excerpts from various works and answer questions. The math exam varies in terms of complexity: you can choose Level 1 or Level 2 depending on the university's requirements. When taking the math exam, it is necessary to answer 50 questions on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics. The physics exam includes 75 tasks, a biology exam - 80 chemistry tasks - 85 tasks. In the follow-up examination, you need to answer 95 questions.
The Sat subject test aims to determine the level of knowledge in five areas (to choose from) and in certain directions in each of the areas (also to choose from). The Sat-Subject-Test contains 50-80 questions, each one is invited to choose only 5 answers, only one Faithful.

1.ungli language:

2nd story:
  • The world history
  • USA history
Eastern Studies:
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • Molecular biology;
  • ecology
  • biology
4. Signed languages ​​(read only):
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Latin
5. Related languages ​​(reading + audition)
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

How much is it worth it?

  • Registration on the SAT exam without an essay costs 86 USD (for foreigners) and 49 USD (for residents), for the Saturday with an essay, a foreigner, which a foreigner has to pay 100 USD, because the Safe Sa has to be 24 USD have to pay (e.g. 1 test), give other subject tests on the same day costs 13 USD (for 1 test);
  • You can get an additional duplicate document for $ 12.
  • You can expedite the delivery of written test results for $ 31 (duplicates for $ 1,125).
  • Learn the results by phone cost $ 15;
  • You can get a passed test with answers and explanations in $ 18.
  • Recovering out-of-date test results costs $ 31.

SAT certificate pattern.

How did you happen to be sat to a high score?

  • Use the correct prep materials. Trust only verified services that are popular with sat. As always, take the top lines in the ranking of the best issues The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica Meltzer, Barron's 2400, Official Study Guide, Pwn's SAT Essay Guide etc. You can order new benefits through the internet or buy books from those who have already passed. Do not forget about useful materials on which it will be published. You can also take multiple SAT test tests to assess your chances of success.
  • Training tests.. It is important to train in the passage of tests for the time, as in the real exam. When examining the applicant, panic and fear usually overwhelms with a crack failure, the system is charged for it. The person in the audience is "not in his plate" so make a lot of mistakes. To prepare for the exam, follow as much as you can for a while. It is better to pass a test test not in the home zones, but in the library or in the library or cafe, so as not to react to strange noises.
  • Hearing impairment. It is impossible to advance in training if you are not careful about your mistakes. It is important to analyze each orbit thoroughly so that it is no longer allowed in the future. It is necessary not only to disassemble errors, but also these questions, the correct answers that you have guessed. Careful analysis helps you move forward.
  • Training maintenance. The creators of the test are aware that many applicants are not native speakers of English, so phrasing each question in a way that the test allowed the error, the task does not. Therefore, before answering the question, you need to read it carefully to the end.
  • Study of new conditions. Usually the math part is considered to be the easiest to apply because math names and formulas are one for all countries. However, don't forget about English-language terms found in assignments. In order to understand what is being said about the task, it is at a sufficient level to own English (preferably not lower than upper intermediate).
  • improve English. Without a good command of English, there is nothing to do with SAT. The math section, with its terms and conditions, as it requires the need for a decent essay, isn't that terrible. To "pump" academic English you should read more English language editions such as ,, etc. It is enough to read 30 minutes a day to see the result - to understand the texts from the reading section, and the language will be much easier.
  • Special mobile app applications. You can improve your English at any convenient time, even in a traffic jam or standing in line. Special applications that run on iOS and Android will help you learn more than new words. You can also find a selection on the Internet that will help you understand the essence of the tasks.
  • Splits. In the reading section, you should not read all the suggested text to the end, it is better to break it into small pieces and respond to questions related to each part. Global issues on topics and the main idea of ​​the text should finally be left.
  • Write an essay. If it turned out, the ultimate rating of the essay will depend on its length. Perelmans Wald, one of the MIT teachers, was able to predict the evaluation of the written work even without verification. He just looked at the length of each essay - the more words in it, the score at the top. Therefore, it is not worth making for words, but it is necessary to follow the literacy of the written language and the connection of the composition. A good essay is equipped with facts and examples from literature, history, or pop culture. It is important to be able to re-penetrate the text structure, to play with it. There is nothing worse than an uninteresting essay built from the same short sentences. Hence, it is important to expand your vocabulary and train in English texts.
  • Learn grammatical rules. Strangely enough, but in the satellite test, knowledge of the same rules is tested from year to year. We have several sources of theoretical and visual examples you need to know: ,,,,.
If you do not stand the day before the test before the test imposes time behind the textbooks, you have to forget the test for a while and just rest. It's important to stop being nervous and panic yourself. Before the test, you need to sleep well and come to the exam in a good arms of mind. It should take water and a snack, preferably candy, to quench hunger during a short break. It is also important to learn about its rules before passing the test, since the slightest violation can lead to a cancellation of work.

What else do you need about the SAT exam?

  • Sat can give up gifted children aged 12-13.
  • The applicant has the right to transfer the SAT test date, but an additional $ 29 is required for this service. This option can only be used if there is at least two weeks left before the exam.
  • In the event of non-assembly, the registration fee will not be returned to the applicant.
  • All types of SAT tests can be rented out indefinitely. The results will be published online approximately 3 weeks after the test.
  • So far, a quarter of a point has been turned for an incorrect answer, but this state has been canceled since 2016.