How did Belgium become a country

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Official name:
Kingdom of Belgium
Dutch, French, German
11.4 million
National holiday:
July 21: day of the swearing-in of the first Belgian king
A Benelux country

Belgium is one of our western neighbors and lies on the North Sea. Belgium is a parliamentary monarchy and belongs to the Benelux countries. This is what Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are called because they work closely together. Belgium and the other Benelux countries are founding members of the European Union.

A king and a parliament

The head of state of Belgium is King Philippe. His residence is the Royal Palace in Brussels in the capital, Brussels. There the king carries out his official duties. Laeken Castle in Brussels is the residence of the royal family. Brussels is also the seat of the Belgian Parliament. In parliament, the deputies and the senators decide the laws of the country. In Belgium, voting is compulsory from the age of 18. Brussels is also the seat of the European Commission and the second official seat of the European Parliament.

Flemings and Walloons

There are two major population groups in Belgium: the Dutch-speaking Flemings and the Walloons, who speak French. There is also a small German minority. Time and again there are tensions between the large ethnic groups of the Flemish and Walloons. The text of the national anthem, the "Brabançonne", is available in all three languages, i.e. in French, Dutch and German. The linguistic diversity has historical reasons, because the different population groups only merged to form the state of Belgium in 1830.

Very special french fries

Belgium is famous for its French fries, or "fries" for short. Some people go to Belgium especially to eat what many believe are "the best fries in the world". But if you prefer sweets, you can also enjoy it in Belgium: there are incredibly delicious Liège waffles and delicious pralines.

Land of the comic heroes

When you think of Belgium, they shouldn't be missing: Tintin, the Smurfs or Lucky Luke, the famous Belgian cartoon characters. Comics have a long tradition in Belgium, you can even study "comics" as a subject at the art college. There is also a comic book museum in the capital, Brussels.

The Ardennes and the sea

Belgium has a beautiful mountain region, the Ardennes. Many people go on vacation here and go hiking or skiing. The North Sea coast of Belgium is about 70 kilometers long and very popular with tourists.