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A good person: This Turkish series is celebrated internationally

In the award-winning Turkish series "A good person", the demented pensioner Agâh (Haluk Bilginer) starts an unconventional campaign of revenge - with bad consequences. Magenta TV is now showing the series for the first time in Germany.

"Don't be discouraged!" - This advice is relative to the beginning of the Turkish series "A good person", which can be seen on Magenta TV from Thursday, October 8th. To heed it is easier said than done for the 65-year-old Agâh (Haluk Bilginer). The single pensioner has only just had to cope with the death of his beloved cat. Agâh just forgot to feed her. Now he is confronted with another stroke of fate: He suffers from dementia.

He should not lose courage, it continues. The disease was in its early stages. Some patients would have lived 20 years after the diagnosis. Rather, Agâh should be preoccupied with things that he has always wanted to do. It is well-intentioned advice with unpredictable consequences, as the retired court clerk embarks on a long-postponed campaign of revenge, at the end of which more than one person will die ...

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The policewoman Nevra (Cansu Dere) is supposed to solve the series of murders started by Agâh. As the first woman on the Istanbul homicide squad, she is unintentionally prominent. Your sexist colleagues, of course, don't like it at all, which is why they bullied the young woman day in and day out. Only their boss, Tolga (Necip Memili), seems to believe in them - until messages appear on the corpses: The murderer seems to have left them for Nevra. But why? What does the young woman have to do with the murders?

"A good person" is a dark series that takes place in the formerly upper-class, now run-down areas of the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. It shows a society in which the sense of justice seems to go crazy, both in relation to an ancient crime and to the position of women in society. A look at more recent studies shows that this last point is not too far-fetched, according to which the employment rate of women in Turkey has fallen significantly in recent years. Instead of working, they should rather give birth to children and take care of their upbringing, is still a not infrequently held view.

The first and so far only season of the series, which was directed by Onur Saylak, comprises twelve episodes. Under the original title "Şahsiyet" it was already seen in 2018 on the Turkish streaming service puhutv. Although the long, silent scenes sometimes put viewers to the test of patience, the series was generally well received: The Turkish daily "Sabah" even described it as "perhaps the best series in history".

And the lead actor Haluk Bilginer, now 66 years old, who is best known in this country for his role in the Hollywood films "The International" (2009) and "Halloween" (2018), was also able to convince: He was awarded an International in 2019 Emmy honored in the category "Best Achievement by a Leading Actor". Among other things, he had prevailed against the German actor Jannis Niewöhner, who was nominated for his leading role in the Amazon Prime series "Beat".

Source: teleschau - der mediendienst GmbH