What is your favorite phrase or saying

Do you know all of these 10 Sorbian terms?

Of course, there aren't that many terms yet. But maybe you know one or the other from your everyday life and know what it means? In our opinion, all these terms are particularly worth saying them more often.

(1) Hello! - Witaj!

The first word we learned on our trip is quickly remembered and useful at all times, because a friendly one "Witaj!" is never wrong. It is not for nothing that the language center in Bautzen named itself after this word. Good to know: In our neighboring country Poland, people greet each other very similarly with a “Witam!”.

(2) Good afternoon! - Dobry dźeń!

Are you out and about during the day and would like to greet your counterpart at the supermarket checkout or in the town hall with another friendly greeting? Then you are with one "Dobry dźeń!" well advised or you may have said it yourself one or the other time.

(3) How are you? - Kak so ći wjedźe?

If Sorbs meet spontaneously somewhere, you have probably heard them ask each other: "Kak so ći wjedźe?" Do you know what they want to know about each other?

(4) Please - Prosu

Sorbian cuisine has a lot to offer for those who are really hungry. We could see this for ourselves in not just one inn. With a "Prošu" Packaged, you order your after-work beer and the meal card from the landlady and you can enjoy Sorbian conviviality in the tavern.

(5) cheers! - K strowosći!

A warm "K strowosći!" before you take the first sip of your beer, you don't have to limit yourself to your company. Your table neighbors will also be happy to reply. In this sense “K strowosći!”. By the way, you literally toast your health here.

(6) Enjoy it! - Daj sej słodźeć!

A “Daj sej słodźeć!” Can come from the host before you enjoy a delicious Sorbian wedding soup. And so much can be revealed - we always enjoyed it on our trip.

(7) Happy birthday. - Wjele zboža k narodninam!

We picked up this congratulation in a café: “Wjele zboža k narodninam”. Everyone was happy about a piece of cake and fragrant coffee. What was celebrated is clear, isn't it?

(8) I like you. - Mam će rady.

We were particularly impressed by our favorite expression on this list: “Mam će rady” is intended for your loved ones and don't be sad if you haven't heard it yet. Maybe you have a loved one to whom you would like to convey this in Sorbian ...

(9) Thank you! - Dźakuju so!

Answering that with a “Dźakuju so!” Might not be so ideal, but before you keep silent, it would be even better. We say “Dźakuju so!” For the hospitality that was shown to us on our journey across Lusatia!

(10) Goodbye! - Božemje!

And last but not least, we say “Božemje!”. Because we will definitely be back soon to meet old and new friends and continue to improve our Sorbian.

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Post picture: Sorbian? Sure, of course. Campaign (Photo: editorial team)