Why do you read what you read

I recently discovered a questionnaire on Cora's blog called “Why are you reading?”. I read through the questions and the answers of the “Wortkulisse” blogger with great interest and at the same time thought about how I would answer the thirty questions. As you can probably see, I love to read. But sometimes it is not that easy to justify in a few sentences what exactly gives me this passion. So here is the full version!

Why are you reading

I read because I don't know any other way - because stories have always been part of my life and I quickly understood how exciting, varied, thrilling, intense and beneficial books can be. You can learn a lot from books. Every book is a little treasure and reading is an easy way for me to immerse myself in a completely different reality for a while, to get to know other people and to experience other adventures. I also love language and am happy when a book is particularly well written.

What are you reading? Which genres do you prefer? Do you also read classics?

I mainly read contemporary literature, fiction, but sometimes also non-fiction or crime fiction. I rarely pick up classics, but I am generally not averse to them.

Which authors do you prefer? Or do you have no favorite authors?

I'm a big fan of Khaled Hosseini, Haruki Murakami, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ingrid Noll, Isabel Allende, Sidney Sheldon, Amélie Nothomb and Roald Dahl. I have read quite a bit of these authors, but there are also many others of whom I have only known one book and still counts as one of my absolute favorites. I suddenly think of: Mario Vargas Llosa, Mareike Fallwickl, Margarete Stokowski, Margaret Mazzantini, Delphine de Vigan.

Where do you read anywhere? Only at home, only on the S-Bahn, everywhere, ...?

I prefer to read at home in the reading chair, sometimes in bed, in winter in the bathtub, but also a lot on the go - especially since I currently drive almost an hour and a half to work every day.

Do you read a lot or a little? How much time do you spend reading a week? How many books do you read on average per month / year? Do you also take longer breaks from reading?

I would estimate that I read an average of 4-5 books a month. I never have breaks from reading - there is always a book that I am reading right now because I immediately start a new one as soon as I have finished one.

Do you read fast or slow? How many pages do you read in about an hour?

It is difficult for me to judge because I have no comparison and have never measured my reading speed. I would say that I probably read at an average speed. I can't answer the question about the number of pages with the best will in the world - it also depends a lot on the book.

How many books do you usually read at the same time?

Usually two or three, but they are quite different. For example, I often read a novel and a non-fiction book at the same time.

Which formats do you prefer? Paperback books, hardback books, paperback books, splendid editions?

Hardback books are nice, of course, but I also like a lot of paperback books!

Do you value high quality workmanship in your books? Does the look of the book play a role for you?

"Never judge a book by its cover" is what it actually means. But I would be lying if I said that I don't have a thing for aesthetic book covers. A high-quality workmanship is nice, but for me it is not necessarily a priority for all types of books.

Do you also read ebooks? If so, how often and which books?

Yes, I've had a Kindle for almost four years and I find it incredibly practical. In the meantime, however, I have made up my mind to only buy books as e-books that are significantly cheaper than the print version. Because I think it's a shame not to own books that I thought were great as printed books.

Where do you get new books? At the bookseller around the corner? In the library? From the book bus?

I feel a bit uncomfortable every time, but I very often buy e-books and also printed books on Amazon. However, I have started the tradition of going no less than twice a year to the Dussmann cultural department store in Berlin to stock up on new reading material. I would also like to shop more consciously in smaller bookstores.

Do you also buy used books?

I used to buy used books a lot - from the flea market, for example. I now read a lot on Kindle and now and then review copies of publishers.

How much are you willing to spend on a good book?

Depends on. If I were sure that it would be a huge asset and maybe my new favorite book, I would spend around 25-30 euros on it. Or have it given to me for my birthday / Christmas.

Do you lend books? If so, to whom and what is your experience with it?

Every now and then I lend a book. Since my closest friends unfortunately all live a long way from me, the thought of not knowing one of my books with me for a while worries me. So in order to lend someone a book, I have to have a lot of trust in them. 😉

How many books do you have on average on your pile of unread books?

Next to my reading chair there are around 15 books that I want to read soon. On my mental However, there are an infinite number of reading piles. This fact almost makes me desperate at times, but somehow I also really enjoy having so much choice. I wrote more about it here a while ago.

Where do you have books in your home?

On my bookshelf and on a stool next to the reading chair. One in my pocket to read on on the way to work.

How do you sort your books on the shelf?

A little by author, by preference and by size, so that everything looks reasonably even and neat.

What do you use as a bookmark? Or do you crease the sides?

I use a photo strip from my friend and myself from a photo booth as a bookmark or something that I once took with me for free at the Hugendubel.

When you pause reading, do you always finish the chapter or do you stop in the middle?

I'm already trying to finish the chapter. However, if these are very long and for some reason I cannot continue reading, I try to put an end to the paragraph.

What do you look for when buying a book? What criteria does a book have to meet in order for you to buy it? Does the publisher play a role?

First and foremost, the content has to convince me. The first thing is of course the blurb, but the book cover is also decisive for whether I pick up a book or not. The publisher doesn't play a role. Personally, I must have heard of a particular book a few times to actually have it on my radar and to pay more attention to it when I see it somewhere.

Do you throw books in the trash?

No! In Erlangen there is a bookcase in the city center where you can put books. Maybe someone else will be happy about it.

How well read is your circle of friends and acquaintances? Do you know people who don't own a book?

I actually know people who don't read, but I can talk to most of my friends through books. However, I have probably never met someone personally who reads as much as my friend Aziyadé.

What role do books play in your professional life?

I am studying literature and book studies and I would also like to work professionally with literature. So books play a very big role!

Do you break off books if you don't like the content?

Yes, if there is absolutely no spark between me and a book, I break it off. Fortunately, that doesn't happen that often and sometimes I fight my way through to the end out of a sense of duty.

Are friends and acquaintances asked for book tips?

Yes, now and then! But often I too am the one who tries to get people interested in all kinds of books on my own initiative.

If all of your books are suddenly lost (e.g. fire, flood, evil fairy, ...), which three books would you reorder immediately?

“A thousand radiant suns” by Khaled Hosseini, “Naoko's smile” by Haruki Murakami and “Noodle pen” by Marvin Franke.

Do a hot drink and biscuits belong to the reading evening?

A tea for sure! Sometimes I also snack on nuts or chocolate on the side.

Do you listen to music while reading, or do you have to be completely silent?

I prefer to read in complete silence.

Do you read books several times? if so, which and why?

No, my time is too good for that. There are books that I have very fond memories of and know that I would definitely like them the second time I read them, but there are just too many other books that are still unread!

Do you mark places in a book? If yes how?


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