Lose a word

When love gets lost in the word - The mystery of language in religion. A playful journey to the alphabet.


When love is lost in the word

Triggered by a personal experience in my childhood, I set out to search for the cause of the strife that religions had triggered in human history.

I got to know Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam in practice and after 23 years I came to the conclusion that it is the language that leads us humans into misunderstandings.

I learned about techniques that can help us to experience the strange effects of language and the understanding of language differently than usual. I present the techniques in this book.

In this book I playfully guide you through the seemingly mystical doctrine of Christianity and give you some practical examples that can help you to recognize the dimension of the alphabet and to use it for yourself in a playful way.


Further information

Bernd Holzhausen:

The author studied various religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam for 23 years.

He followed the religions and teachings for a while and observed the effects on himself and the people in those religions and is currently writing a number of short books on the subject of people and religion

This journey was triggered by the symbols, rituals and teachings of the religions through a personal experience of God in his childhood.

He lives and works as a designer, musician and author in Germany.

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