Still loves Percy Jackson Calypso


I was at Camp Half-Blood, my first real home had won two wars, had 6 super friends
and was still deadly unhappy. Why do you ask yourselves I explain it too. Because it's about Percy, my best friend. He stayed with Calypso but maybe I should tell you from the beginning first:

So I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Anthene. Winner of two wars: The war against Kronos and the one against Gaia I'm with Leo
Valdez liked my best friend in the Tatatarus. Normally we might have gotten together but I was still in love with Percy I fell in love with him when I was 12 but when he was 14 he came to Calypso's island and stayed there I was so hoping that he would come back but he didn't come. I already suspected that he was at Calypso and Hephatios told me so too. Now I had an appointment at Olympus. I was committed to getting Percy free and also Calypso, because otherwise he probably wouldn't come today the two of them would come home.
I was really excited.

When I was there Zeus began: I bring Zeus the King of Heaven, Gods Father, God of Lightning back here with Perseus Jackson son of Poseidon and Calypso daughter of Atlas of Ogigia. "Then all the gods mumbled again one was a boy who was about 14 years old with black hair and sea green eyes, he was holding the hand of a girl about 16 years old who had brown hair and caramel brown eyes.
Percy and Calypso.
They looked at each other confused and then Calypso made a frightened face. And Percy looked slightly angry.
I went up to him.
He looked at me in surprise and then said, slightly angry, "What's that? Do you want to punish Calypso even more and you Anni did you help them?" and Percy in the time you were gone we won two wars so it's safe. "


Hope you liked it