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This hero on TikTok makes meme videos clearing his city of trash

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“Every little bit helps,” he says. “Ehrenmann keep it up!” Write viewers.

The Trashtag Challenge has been going around the world for a few weeks. It's about collecting garbage and posting a before / after picture.

TikTok is also being cleaned up. There, “Dailyplogger” in particular makes videos of how he clears rubbish from public streets or squares in Germany.

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Plogging stands for jogging and "plocka" - the word comes from Swedish and stands for tidying up. In German, plogging basically means “running rooms”, lol.

In the comments on his videos, the man says that his clean-up videos on TikTok work particularly well when they are cut to match the music.

He simply makes his videos on the way to work, he writes in another comment.

But it doesn't always have to be music in his videos. In this video he uses the Counter-Strike sound as a template.

Or this scene from Cinderella.

Pretty clever: he also takes hits like Ariana Grande's to use the momentum of the song and to draw attention to his subject.

In his videos you can also see that he not only clears streets and squares from rubbish - in this clip it is e.g. a parking garage:

With his videos he inspires the people on TikTok:

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You can find it here on TikTok:

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BuzzFeed News has asked Dailyplogger for a comment.

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