What are Swaminarayan beliefs

Where did Bishop Heber Bhagwan meet Swaminarayan?

Since this came up again, I did a little more research. Heber actually wrote a diary so we can read his thoughts on the meeting directly.

It seems that the main things about "Swaamee Narain" that impressed him were getting "these wild people" to behave "more orderly" and the possibility that he preached monotheisim, the way for the Christian Conversion of the region paved.

According to Heber, the meeting itself took place on March 26th at around 11 a.m. at the lodge in Nerriad. Here is his description of the place:

We marched to Nerriad, a large and well-built city that Cutwal told me about 15,000 people lived. ... We were placed in his tailoring shop on the orders of Mr. Williamson, part of which is used for the occasional reception of himself and his friends. It consists of an enclosure surrounded by a high wall and buildings with various descriptions in the heart of the city, designed to house and protect a considerable number of horses and people.

It seems that the main thing that impressed him at the meeting was that the Swami showed up with a huge guard of 200 riders. Otherwise, it appears from his account that the main hope of both men was to convert the other (and, of course, they were both disappointed in this regard).