What does your psychology say

Loud, quiet, rational or emotional: How does a person behave in certain situations, how does he feel and what influences him? In our psychology themed world you will find texts on things like self-love, character and empathy. We also have articles for you that explain how fragrances affect our lives, what different types of characters there are and what shamanism is all about.

The hair is too thin, the nose too big, the career does not go as planned: Many people only ever see their apparent flaws. They find it difficult to accept themselves and their lives. But self-love is one of the most important requirements for a contented life. We explain what exactly is behind it and how it can be learned. We also have tips for you on how to get through everyday life happier.

Fragrances have more impact on our lives than we think. Whether in the choice of a partner or in purchasing decisions: They usually influence us subconsciously. We explain why this is so and how the brain sometimes lures us on the wrong track. We were also on the trail of longing. What is behind this feeling and how do we best deal with it? Read more about it here.

Those who can empathize with others and change their perspective often lead more intense and happier relationships. But how does this so-called empathy actually work? We'll explain it to you.

Our character is made up of different behaviors. Are we conscientious, fearful, or confident? Half of our characteristics are inherited, the other half are based on the experiences we have in the course of life. We present different models and typologies with which personality types can be determined.

The knowledge of the shamans is an ancient cultural asset. In their world everything is interconnected: humans, plants, animals, the spirits, Father Heaven and Mother Earth. We explain to you what shamanism is all about and what the rituals look like. Read more here.

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