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Language family:

Also known as:
  • Alealum
  • Malayalani
  • Malayali
  • Paint
  • Maliyad
  • All
  • Mopla

A language belonging to the southern branch of the Dravidian language family, which is widespread in the southern part of the Malabar coast and is the official language in the Indian state of Kerala, but hardly extends beyond its borders. She used to be with "Malabar" designated. The Malayalam is spoken by more than 35,351 million people (1997).

However, it is also partly spoken in the Laccadives and by minorities in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the Fiji Islands, so that there are a total of well over 35.7 million speakers. The dialects belong to it Malabar, Nagari-Malayalam, Malayalam, South Kerala, Central Kerala, North Kerala, Kayavar, Namboodiri, Moplah, Pulaya, Nasrani and Nayar. These are: Nayar, Namboodiri, Moplah, Pulaya, Nasrani communal dialects or the dialects of certain castes.

A rich literature of Malayalam already existed in the 16th century. The new period of literary language was particularly marked in the 16th and 17th centuries by N. TUĂ‘CHATTU RAMANUJA EZHUTTACHCHAN. In recent times, efforts have been made in the state of Kerala to bring the traditional literary language closer to standardized colloquial language, especially since the abolition of illiteracy in the rest of the country is the most advanced in this state of India.

Phonetically and morphologically, Malayalam is most closely related to Tamil, from which it separated at the beginning of the 2nd century AD. Today's Malayalam alphabet "Arya Eluttu" was introduced in the 17th century and is even more extensive than the Tamil script. Until 1956 there were two districts on the site of what is now Kerala, in which the Malayalam-speaking population mainly lived. These were Travancore-Cochin and Malabar, which were then combined to form the Indian state of Kerala.

During this time there were language disputes between the different populations in several parts of India, so that language areas were allowed as federal states by law. In this way, new states came into being. Kerala always played a somewhat special role in the episode. Since the communists in particular achieved great electoral successes here, this led to various internal political tensions, with the Union government repeatedly seizing power.

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